Croatian House of Culture in SuĆĄak - 4. 5. at 19:30 h
The ZKM Theatre

Ernst Toller: HINKEMANN

Director: Igor Vuk Torbica

Dramaturge: Katarina Pejović
Set Design: Branko Hojnik
Costume design: Doris Kristić
Scene movement: BlaĆŸenka Kovač Carić
Composers: Alen i Nenad Sinkauz
Light design: Aleksandar Čavlek

Cast: Rakan Rushaidat, Mia Biondić, Frano MaĆĄković, Doris Ć arić Kukuljica, Dado Ćosić, Petar Leventić , Jasmin Telalović, Vedran Ćœivolić, Marica ViduĆĄić; NadeĆŸda PeriĆĄić Radović, Milivoj Beader, Ozren Grabarić, Milica Manojlović

Before us is an energetic display of acting and auteurship mastery, voluminous and brimming with meaning. Using the example of the tragedy of society and man after a world war, it speaks about our times, times facing a new, imminent disaster. (...) The protagonist is Eugen Hinkemann - "a man without a penis who sees far better than others". Thanks to this interpretation, he becomes a symbol of today's generation accused of lacking ideals and eating sour grapes of their fathers, a generation which does not see itself as a creator of a new era, but as a fugitive from the present one. Thus the story of the protagonist ... becomes a sad saga of the spectacular entertainment typical of modern times, where work has been stripped of its dignity and interpersonal relationships devoid of warmth and solidarity.
Bojan Munjin, Tragedy of a Society, Novosti